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So many dreams, So little time!

How do you handle achieving so much when there is so much to achieve? For the longest time I thought that dreaming was what you did when you did not want to deal with real life. You know, in school or college when the teacher is boring – o the things you could do. Have [...]

I can feel it!

I have been on this journey since November, trying to find out what I am supposed to do, what is my purpose. It has not been easy at the same time it is liberating. I have the feeling that I am almost there. I have the feeling that whatever it is I have to go [...]

Reality Check

There is something about January that forces you to do a reality check. The Christmas holidays are over and the presents don’t seem like presents any more. The tree and decorations have been put away.The New year party is over and everyone is wondering what made them think of the resolutions that they came up [...]

Happy New Year!

I am excited as 2008 closes and I see 2009 approaching. As I write this post, my extended family have already rung in the new year on the other side of the world. I see the 2009 as the year of Hope and Change. Not only for me but also the entire world. We have [...]

The Secret behind New Year Resolutions

Christmas is over, the presents are opened and some returned or exchanged (maybe) and plans are starting to firm up for the new year. The topic in every medium whether it be TV, radio or the Internet is about the year that went by and the year that is coming up. What have we achieved [...]