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You know you have turned 40

You know when you have turned 40 when:   Number 10 -Everytime you decide to do something new, people will wonder if you are having a mid life crisis.   Number 9 – you justify your grey hair and laugh lines – you wear it with pride – after all you have earned them   Number 8 [...]

Secret of No Stress

Image by Andrew Currie Picture this – you are old enough to drive a car, and to shop on your own but you don’t know how to go home -  because you don’t have a GPS.  You did wrote down the directionsbut you can’t read your own handwriting.  You had to go somewhere else but [...]

The secret to getting what you want

Image by tanakwho Have you ever wanted something so bad that you obsessed over it, prayed for it, talked about it, dreamed about it and then when you finally get it –

Secret to a successful marriage

Image by Michal Hadassah Have you noticed that if the woman is unhappy – the whole family is unhappy?  Well, you have not figured that out by now, play close attention. 

Do you love me?

Image by kennethtristan02 That seems to be the underlying question of most people that can either make or break them. Kids want to be loved, teenagers want to be loved, even adults want to be loved.  How one reacts or handles the response to that statement pretty much decides how they handle their life and [...]