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Being Indian

Secret to a successful marriage

Image by Michal Hadassah Have you noticed that if the woman is unhappy – the whole family is unhappy?  Well, you have not figured that out by now, play close attention. 

The Sound of Music

No, it is not about the movie but what you are going to be surrounded by.  That is what this week and next week is all about.  For those who are not familiar

How much will you bare?

Image by The Lost Wanderer So in the name of fashion or fame how much are you willing to bare?  With the Oscars not so long ago

A woman’s point of view

It is an epic that is known to capture every emotion that a person will ever feel.  It was dictated by the great Sage Vyasa and penned by the elephant headed god.  It is not something one reads at home because it creates discord in the household.  I am talking about the Mahabharata – in [...]

What would Gandhi say?

Image by ivalladt Today(Oct 2nd) is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  It is a national holiday in India.  As I sit on the other side of the world in this day and age I wonder what would the Grand Old Man of India have to say about the way things are today.  He inspired many a leader [...]