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Growing up

A Celebration

It was an emotional occasion, a graduation party for a senior going off to college.I am sure for most grad parties – the occasion calls for friends, food and games. But Indian grad parties tend to be a family affair. They invite not just the kids but parents and family from far and wide attend. [...]

Peer Pressure

I am sure you remember how hard it was to go against the peer pressure. You always went with what your friends thought of you. I would say now that you are older and wiser that it does not matter any more. But the reality is that before you were young and foolish and now [...]


George Bernard Shaw was right when he said “It’s all that the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date.” It suddenly hit me as we go graduation party hopping that I am going to be short one teenager next year. Which means my younger one will have [...]

Graduation Season

The month of June and July is extremely busy with a flurry of graduation parties. In this part of the world, the tradition is to host an open house for high school graduation. Friends drop in, say hi, give a token gift, eat food, see the pictures and go to the next grad party. Interesting [...]

If I knew then what I know now

I was at a class when I heard the teacher say ‘if only I could go back into my childhood and relive it knowing what I know now, it would be so cool!’ I agree. The first thing I would tell my parents is not to compare me to anyone. (Actually I did but they [...]