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Life Lessons

Growing up

Age has nothing to do with wisdom. Neither does growing up. Some are late bloomers and some learn young. If you are within the norm – it is expected however if you are an outlier, you are looked upon with reverence or laughed at – it depends on who is doing the laughing or the [...]

Make it happen!

There is something to Vision boards. I have been hearing it about it for a while now but never really put it into practice. But you may have noticed that once you are conscious of something, you see it all around you – be it in conversations, on the web, books or even hear people [...]


I remember hearing somewhere that being courageous is doing something really dangerous without thinking about the consequences. So I guess if you have to think about the repercussions of every single action – then you are a scared cat or just very cautious. I am the only one who seems to be doing things in [...]

Secret to Success

I think I found the secret to success. For some it may sound like common sense, for others it may sound like hooey but I think it is true and it works. I was talking to my sister and talking about keeping rooms clean. Considering my daughter is very much like her aunt – she [...]

A way to a man’s heart ….

..is through his stomach. I never really believed it – but it is true. We are a group of moms who get together often (too often according to our husbands) and we talk about everything under the sun. As a child when I encountered a group of moms get together, the discussion always centered around [...]