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Life Lessons

The Sound of Music

No, it is not about the movie but what you are going to be surrounded by.  That is what this week and next week is all about.  For those who are not familiar

How much will you bare?

Image by The Lost Wanderer So in the name of fashion or fame how much are you willing to bare?  With the Oscars not so long ago

Because God said so

Image by John-Morgan I am sure you have heard the dreaded ‘Because I said so’.  Well, that is usually your mom and you do so reluctantly because you really don’t have a choice – well, you actually do – but if you are asking why do I have to do it – that is probably [...]

The 99 club

Image by A National Acrobat Have you ever heard of the 99 club?  Here is an Indian folktale that illustrates the concept. Once upon a time,

Great minds think alike

Image by Tiago Ribeiro When I started thinking of writing a blog – it was a way of keeping sane while I was laid off.  It was more of a hobby – after all who wants to read all the thoughts that are over flowing in my head.  But once I started writing there