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Life Lessons

A woman’s point of view

It is an epic that is known to capture every emotion that a person will ever feel.  It was dictated by the great Sage Vyasa and penned by the elephant headed god.  It is not something one reads at home because it creates discord in the household.  I am talking about the Mahabharata – in [...]

Three things you can learn from SuperBowl 2010

Image by Mingo.nl What a game it was!  For those that are not familiar Sunday was the Superbowl – the American football game between the Indianapolis Colts (who were the favorites) versus the New Orleans Saints who were obviously the underdogs. Yours truly was on the side of the under dog even though the favorites [...]

Why does it come down to divorce?

Image by Doug88888 I am having a really hard time dealing with it – divorce, that is.  No, it is not mine. I never really thought I had an opinion either way and even when things were rough I refused to think of that eventuality. I am not for it but I am not against [...]

What makes the world go around

image by borman818 Is it love or money?  Right now if you ask me I would say it is money.  Maybe it is the cynic in me or maybe it is just the time – but it sure seems like money wins hands down. Things are changing as we speak.  The economy is not at [...]

Reflections of a year gone by

Image by Jody McNary I can’t believe a year has gone by.  Much has happened, much has been learned and there is much more to learn.  I was looking at the new year resolutions that I had made last year and it was very much a reflection of my state of mind.  I look at [...]