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What would Gandhi say?

Image by ivalladt Today(Oct 2nd) is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  It is a national holiday in India.  As I sit on the other side of the world in this day and age I wonder what would the Grand Old Man of India have to say about the way things are today.  He inspired many a leader [...]

Let the Games Begin!

Image by kevindooley Yes I know that is how the Olympics start, but I was talking about a different kind of games.  The kinds of games that people play.  And if you are not smart enough or too naive to figure it out – boy are you the loser and the other person the user. [...]

Sacrifice is another name for love…

..at least in India it is.  A woman when young is identified as whose child she is, then when she gets married as whose wife she is and then when she has children by whose mother she is.  The Indian culture is old, at least 5000 years, and the rituals and customs and language and [...]

Boldly go where…

Photo by korona-pl …you have never gone before.  That is the mantra that has been in my head for the past few weeks.  The good thing about saying that over and over again – I have noticed that things are happening, stuff is falling in place and everybody is happy. Let me tell you why [...]


Photo by laurenatclemson Yessss! It is the feeling of utter joy that nobody can take away from you when you accomplish your goals especially when it is something totally outside your comfort zone.  It may be small or insignificant for most people but for the one who is actually doing the work and feeling the [...]