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Starting a new business

For someone who has always relied on a paycheck starting a new business is a major paradigm shift. Maybe it is the economic situations that give arise to these ideas, maybe it is the increase in the number of articles that talk about having your own business that has ides mushrooming in my head, or [...]

The Art of Saying No

Have you noticed that saying NO is probably one of the most difficult words to say. Surprising, considering the first word that most 2 year olds thrive on is the word – you guessed it – NO. So why then is it so hard for an adult, who is probably extremely busy and has enough [...]

Entreprenurial spirit

Sometimes you have to be pushed to the wall before you decide enough is enough and decide to work for yourself rather than work for someone else. Sometimes you are just born with that independent streak and sometimes it does not matter what – you will always end up working for someone else. I have [...]

A conversation in my head

How do you know which way to go? If you are in a car and you stop – somebody behind you will honk that will force you to go in a particular direction. So how do you know if it is the right direction? Unless you already know the way – you really don’t. So, [...]

Reverse! Reverse!

When you were young your parents told you study hard, become good at what you do and then you will be known for your work and then people will respect you for that. But now that does not apply. There is no reason that says that you have to be old by the time you [...]