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Mom, what’s a ….?

Image by moonstarsilverwolf I think that is every parent’s nightmare.  When your child comes up to you and asks you a question that you were hoping the school or his textbooks would have already taught him.  There was a time that life was simple the rules were in place and fear was the primary trigger [...]

Why does it come down to divorce?

Image by Doug88888 I am having a really hard time dealing with it – divorce, that is.  No, it is not mine. I never really thought I had an opinion either way and even when things were rough I refused to think of that eventuality. I am not for it but I am not against [...]

What makes the world go around

image by borman818 Is it love or money?  Right now if you ask me I would say it is money.  Maybe it is the cynic in me or maybe it is just the time – but it sure seems like money wins hands down. Things are changing as we speak.  The economy is not at [...]

Parents and Facebook – stalking or voyuerism?

Image by benstein Now I am not sure how many you have Facebook or how many like Facebook – but you have to admit that it has changed the face being in touch and one of the major players in the social networking scene. Something that was created by a student at Harvard university, went [...]

Is it all about the money?

Image by brainware3000 The whole world was watching and listening while Tiger Woods dealt with his personal ‘transgressions’ publicly.  Poor guy! He had no idea what it was like to be at  the brunt of public scrutiny at the hands of the press.   While the police were able to close the case, his trial with [...]