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House up for auction – starting bid $500

Image by cofeego ..no that is not a joke – these are foreclosed properties that are being bid on the auction block in Wayne county in downtown Detroit.  I guess it is a good thing – after all these properties are being bought by investors who have the money and can buy it dirt cheap. [...]

Can you die from running the marathon?

Image by conorwithonen I had to write something about it – cause it freaked me out.  I was supposed to be out there running the half marathon yesterday.  What freaked me out what was all the three people were half marathoners, different ages but all died between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:18 am [...]

Men are from Mars

Image by jasonb42882 They have to be – from mars that is – how else can you explain the bizarre way of how they do things? Look at us women, we do so many things, and we take care of stuff, the nurturer, the go to person, the person who gets things done – who [...]

Keeping the peace

Image by Christian Revival Network It is an art form – keeping the peace that is.  Now I know why negotiators and diplomats are paid so well and are so highly regarded.  Getting people to agree and do stuff without getting on each others nerves is not an easy job.  I am sure those of [...]

Growing Up

Photo by MahPadiha If anyone ever said that growing up is hard, believe them – it is true.  It is a trying time, cause you are still trying to figure out where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Just remember nobody ever said that you stop growing after you turn 18.  In [...]