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Are you here?

Image By  Ponsuwan Am I? Am I? Yes I am present.  How do I know that? Because I am breathing, I can feel my breath. Have you tried that?  It is the best way to reel you back into the present while you are busy wondering why the past was the way it was or [...]


Image by Vato Bob Kissable Impressionable Demanding Souls – my version of what kids are. We have them,


Image by Wonderlane Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  In an attempt to keep alive the past – we continue to do them in the present.  But has one noticed that those traditions were based on the life and times of a different era?  Is it possible

Do you love me?

Image by kennethtristan02 That seems to be the underlying question of most people that can either make or break them. Kids want to be loved, teenagers want to be loved, even adults want to be loved.  How one reacts or handles the response to that statement pretty much decides how they handle their life and [...]

How much will you bare?

Image by The Lost Wanderer So in the name of fashion or fame how much are you willing to bare?  With the Oscars not so long ago