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Steeped in Spirituality

India has always been considered a nation steeped in spirituality and less materialistic whereas the United States has always been considered a nation leaning more towards materialism and less spirituality. I never thouhgt too much about it until my recent trip. Nowhere else do I know where your daily routine is assimilated into your spiritual [...]

On Holiday in God’s Own Country

Blue skies, warm weather, green topography and no access to electronic gadgetry. Wait a minute, no access to electronic gadgetry? How does anyone survive unless of course you have planned it that way? Well, I did and let me tell you it was the best thing ever. I had no idea how much my life [...]

Thank you Pandora!

Can you imagine what would be the state of this world if Pandora had never been inquisitive enough and opened that box??? No matter – it is interesting to see how people react when the going gets tough. I got laid off in November – I was not surprised but it definitely was a jolt [...]

Happy New Year!

I am excited as 2008 closes and I see 2009 approaching. As I write this post, my extended family have already rung in the new year on the other side of the world. I see the 2009 as the year of Hope and Change. Not only for me but also the entire world. We have [...]