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What is life without drama?

Image by cloudzilla It sure seems like that without any drama life is not complete.  We see it on reality TV – after all art is an imitation of life – so it must happen in real life too- no? 

Do you remember when

Image by alexerhead When I saw the news about a teenager winning 60 grand for texting and the news that they plan to ban phones while driving I had to write this. Do you remember when we had black and white televisions and programs only till 11 pm – now it

un momento

Image by *saxon* It was a nice surprise, a call – friends from long  ago were in town – did you want to stop by?  Sure – we have not met in more than 10 years -would love to catch up. So we did stop by and

What do you see?

Image by notsogoodphotography Am I thin? Am I fat? Am I big? Am I small?  Do I look ugly? Is my nose too big? Am I too tall?  Am I too short?   I am sure you have heard of at least one of the above questions at least once if not more.   Or you may [...]

Why does it come down to divorce?

Image by Doug88888 I am having a really hard time dealing with it – divorce, that is.  No, it is not mine. I never really thought I had an opinion either way and even when things were rough I refused to think of that eventuality. I am not for it but I am not against [...]