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I watched a movie of Adam Sandler called Don’t mess with the Zohan – a stereotypical movie that literally makes the cliche’s come to life. A spoof on the life of Arab and Israelis living in America and the life of an immigrant. It was funny – to me it was – I am not [...]


There is nothing wrong in believing in Happily Ever After. I am a die hard romantic. I get made fun of a lot because I believe in romance. I admit, it is my guilty pleasure – reading romance novels. But I have to defend it – it makes you look at the world in a [...]

Happy 4th of July

You know it is the 4th of July because there are fireworks and barbecues firing up everywhere, bug spray is selling like hot cakes and teenagers are up late since they don’t have to go to school the next day – yup its summer too. The newspapers, websites and TV talk about the importance of [...]

Pay it forward

If you have not heard of this concept – I am sure you will soon enough. When you have a little bit of prosperity or good fortune – you make sure you share it with others who need it. I never paid much attention to it until we had the dance program this weekend. Now [...]

The Paranoid Optimist

Have you ever heard of the paranoid optimist? Well, if you have not – you can meet one here, namely, yours truly. Now you may ask – would that not be a pessimist?And I would answer – no. There truly is a difference. A pessimist is one who always sees the glass half empty. They [...]