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Letting Go

Image by batega No matter how cliched it sounds do you know there is a section called Letting Go during parent orientation? Needless to say there is a requirement for it.  I was surprised


Image by Vato Bob Kissable Impressionable Demanding Souls – my version of what kids are. We have them,

My childhood is over?

Image by mikebaird That is the question that was posed to me by my teenager who is not yet an adult.  But to answer your question my dear – if it means that people will start treating you like an adult – then yes. 

Price of Experience

Image by ralphrepo Now I know why it is called ‘Labor pains’ – because

What is life without drama?

Image by cloudzilla It sure seems like that without any drama life is not complete.  We see it on reality TV – after all art is an imitation of life – so it must happen in real life too- no?