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From the mouth of babes

Learning from kids

Some things you learn when you grow up but sometimes you see things in kids that is so amazing you have to learn from it. 5 year old Kruthika lost her tooth and was very excited that the tooth fairy gave her a dollar. Avinaash, her 31/2 year old brother, came running to hear what [...]

What kind of person are you?

There are three groups of people The first group are brilliant – in everything – everything comes easy to them, nothing is too hard. They don’t even have to try, however, there is a flaw. They cannot handle failure. It is hard for them to contemplate that they can fail – at anything. The second [...]

My present please!

I think it must be in the genes – I don’t know of any other family that come up with some real classic explanations/reasoning/logic. Both my son and nephew have come up with some amazing logic – you wonder where they get it from. (*cough cough – it must be from my side of the [...]