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Managing Expectations

Image by christianrevivalnetwork This term really grabbed my attention.  They say that if you don’t want to get disappointed, you should not have expectations.  But then – how much work have you put into it to have that kind of expectation? It is particularly hard in this day and age when there is so much [...]

Raising boys

Image by Alaskan Dude As a mom you have heard them all – girls are easier to raise, boys are easier to raise, it must be because the girl is older, it must be because the boy is younger and every other combination in between. But let me tell you something – and I am [...]

Homecoming – Part II

Image by wstryder So, the day dawned bright  and clear and a little chilly.  But all events and schedules are geared towards the evening’s gala event.  Amidst arguing and grousing and firing the kids for not keeping things back from where they took it, the house is relatively clean, the dining table rearranged to accommodate [...]

Are we poor?

Image by borman818 How many times has a parent heard that from their child?  How do you explain to your child that being rich has nothing to do with money and neither is being poor for that matter. Imagine this scenario – your child is filling out college applications and have to fill out the [...]

Homecoming! Part 1

Image by BdwayDiva1 Its that time of year again.  For those who have high schoolers, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Homecoming dance is usually the first football game in the high school and the first time that the seniors who went off to college come back home.  The frenzy behind the planning, [...]