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I am 17…going on 18…

Image by MDH in Houston I don’t know how many of you remember that song from the movie “Sound of Music”  but it sure brings back memories. Oh how it felt to be finally of age, and people took you seriously and when you had something to say – they listened to the passionate voice [...]

Child is the father of Man

Image by Roland The title of this post is from William Wordsworth’s  “Ode to Nature’.  I always wondered what that meant, or rather in what context was the poet referring it to, until a discussion I was having with a friend about bringing up boys.  How do I know when is the right time to [...]

Bringing up baby

Image by Malini I was visiting family and got to carry my new nephew or grand nephew depending on which way you look at it.  You are so used to looking at your own kids, that only when you see a child younger than your own do you realize how much they have grown. The [...]

What do you want?

Photo by mikebaird Have you noticed these days that all your activities are determined by your children’s social lives?  It is interesting because before today – parents never asked their children what they wanted.  Parents did what they thought was right and the children were not given a say.  If you had to move to another [...]

Women rock!

I grew up in a patriarchal society – where the son inherits the property, where the wife goes to the husband’s house and takes the husband’s name and the children get the father’s name. But where I come from and many other parts of the world – there is a very strong matriarchal society – [...]