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Can you die from running the marathon?

Image by conorwithonen I had to write something about it – cause it freaked me out.  I was supposed to be out there running the half marathon yesterday.  What freaked me out what was all the three people were half marathoners, different ages but all died between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:18 am [...]

The marathon is this weekend…

Image by Seamus Murray … and I will not be running in it .  Nobody’s fault but my own.  I was hoping to run the half marathon this year so that I can run the full marathon next year – but I guess I might as well start training for next year.  A lot of [...]

Pounding pavement

So, I decided not to fall for that constant conversation in my head and run outside instead of indoor. From advice given to me by seasoned runners – I should do my long distance running outside – gives you a feel for when you run the whole course. Good advice because the mind was so [...]

Dreams and Goals

Do you know what the difference is between a goal and a dream – a goal is a dream with a deadline. I must be going through a slump cause this is the conversation going through my head. Picture this:I am in the gym got my spanking new shoes on and working out the time [...]

Endorphins make you happy

That is the truth – endorphins make you happy. But working out after almost a month sucks! Where did all those random muscles show up from – I thought I knew where everything was. The hardest part about getting back into the running is getting back into the running. I had to drag myself and [...]