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These shoes are made for running

I did, I finally did get my new pair of shoes. I know a couple people who will be happy, my physical therapist for one, who has been threatening to yank my old shoes off my feet and throw them away on my behalf. Buying the shoe was a tough choice on two fronts – [...]

Injuries – the bane for runners

Little did I know that a little discomfort to my ankle would cause so much pain. Being a dancer and training for the half marathon it is imperative that your legs especially your joints are well looked after. Maybe it was an old injury or maybe it was just stress – when my ankle started [...]

Week 2 – Day 10

Well if 3 miles was hard – 2 mile should be easy.Ha! Tell that to someone who does not hurt. I think it has something to do with the mindset. if you have to run 5 miles – the first and last mile is the hardest. But when you have to run two miles – [...]

Week 2 – Day 8, Day 9

Day 8 was stretch and strengthen. That was easy (so I thought) but I was sore. That is a good thing – it means that your muscles are working and building. Day 9 was a 3 mile run. I did 4 miles 2 days ago so 3 should be a piece of cake – that [...]

Day 7 – long run

Today was the day of the long run – 4 miles – Happy Mother’s Day. I think that was the best gift – gift of time to let me run. Now if that was planned or not – I am not sure, but it worked for me. The run was not bad – I started [...]