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Day 6

The schedule said cross train – but being the weekend – I could only do stretching and some dancing of course. If I sweat I know I worked out – usually I don’t break into a sweat. Maybe I never worked that hard before? As I get ready for the long run on Sunday – [...]

Day 5

Its a good thing the schedule says cross train – cause that is what I need. I never realized that running only works a certain set of muscles. In order to gain stamina you have to be able to breathe correctly and work the rest of your body. Dancing is all about conserving energy and [...]

Day 4 – will your thighs get bigger?

Guilt – that horrible parasite that eats you up inside when you don’t do something. That is what I felt when I took a day of rest from running a day sooner than planned. I know I should not let it bother me but it did. So I did 3 miles – which was not [...]

Day 3 – Will you put on weight if you stop running?

It was a rest day! Not planned but it happened anyway. As a dancer, the biggest fear is putting on weight if you stop dancing. I had questions in my mind about the results of certain techniques and I asked a dear friend who explained it beautifully. Q:If you stop running will you put on [...]

Day 2

What a beautiful day! It was ideal to go cycling. The schedule said 2 miles or cross training so we ended up biking for 2 miles or more I think – we were too busy admiring all the spring gardens and flowers. Interesting discussion came up about maintaining tight abs. Crunches are supposed to be [...]