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Training – Day 1

It was a good day to start and the weather was awesome. For a change no rain.My buddy and I were able to complete 3 miles running. I did follow the advice that said take it easy and start by stretching, walk the first five minutes and then do a slow run. Right now the [...]

Half Marathon – here we come

I have started on my new goal – training for the half marathon.I got the website, got the books, got the plan.Now to get the shoes and start pounding pavement. Well, if you wait for the shoes – the running will never happen – so the running will happen even with the old shoes. Interesting [...]

Working out does work

I was never one in favor of working out. To me a gym was a dark, sweaty smelly place with no fresh air. The very thought of going inside on of those rooms and staring at a TV screen never did appeal to me. Well, I have to say that gyms are not dark or [...]