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Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

That is the name of the book I was reading a couple days a go – you know what the sub title is? The guidebook you should have been given at birth.  Nice one  and after I read it – I understand why that is so true. Every step about approaching life and making every [...]

A woman’s point of view

It is an epic that is known to capture every emotion that a person will ever feel.  It was dictated by the great Sage Vyasa and penned by the elephant headed god.  It is not something one reads at home because it creates discord in the household.  I am talking about the Mahabharata – in [...]

And the answer is…

Image by linh.ngan I know should not be surprised but it amazes me every time.  I asked the question if I was alone – wondering if the predicament was mine alone – wondering how all those successful people manage and

What Matters Now

This is the name of the free e-book by Seth Godin.  For those of you who don’t know who Seth Godin is  – he is considered as a marketing genius, an author of over 10 books on what he calls permission marketing.  He also writes about work and change. A graduate of Tufts and Stanford [...]

Know your strengths

That seems to be the message I have been receiving the last couple weeks.  Talk about it hitting you in the face.  Clue number 1 – If you have not read Strengthfinders 2.0 – I think it is worth a read.  The book is written by Tom Rath and has been on the bestseller list [...]