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Am I alone?

Image by Dan Zen Heck no! I thought I was the only one who freezes up and did not do stuff cause I was scared of the outcome.  So when my kids ask me ‘What if I don’t succeed?’ 

Power of Influence

Image by HiggySTFC So you think nobody is watching?  Think again. Do you know that everything you do has an influence on someone or the other?  Sometimes they come into your life for a reason and a season.  I am sure you have seen this story or heard about it at least.  Two boys are [...]

Billion Dollar Day

Image by AMagill Today seems to be the day of billions and millions. First you hear of Conan being paid 40 million to shut up and not bad mouth the NBC brass, then you hear of Citigroup posting a 7.6 billion dollar loss and then the 186 year old British candy company Cadbury’s being bought [...]

What Matters Now

This is the name of the free e-book by Seth Godin.  For those of you who don’t know who Seth Godin is  – he is considered as a marketing genius, an author of over 10 books on what he calls permission marketing.  He also writes about work and change. A graduate of Tufts and Stanford [...]

What is retirement?

Everyone seems to be talking about i t- here in the US every election and every president talks about social security and how it is going to affect people when they retire.  But I guess no one really thinks about it unless it hits them – right? It is a noble thought – you pay [...]