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East versus West

I have always been more inclined towards the natural. Natural remedies, natural processes, natural ingredients. I come from a culture that is more than 5000 years old and it is not unusual for people to look at western medicine versus eastern medicine as an alternative healing method. Everyone’s journey through life involves asking questions. The [...]

Negotaiting with your teen

I consider myself a good teacher. I pick up on the subtleties and am able to read the emotions in the children’s faces. I can even reason with them so that they see a different point of view. But have you heard of ‘being so close that you cannot see the forest for the trees”? [...]

Yes we can!

A King was dreaming. Yes we can!The layoffs are starting. Yes we can!The gas prices are skyrocketing. Yes we can!The food prices are going up. Yes we can!The stock market is crashing. Yes we can!The homes are foreclosing. Yes we can!The war is not ending. Yes we can!The election is happening. Yes we can!The people [...]

Its official

I finally succumbed and created a blogspot. Too many things happening around me and too many thoughts in my head to keep quiet. I have this picture of my head and thoughts and words just pouring out from every orifice cause it cannot be contained within. The economy, the reaction of the rest of the [...]