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Universal laws


One is told that you should not have expectations, then you won’t get disappointed.But that is a hard concept to overcome. Even as adults you expect so much because you assume other people will follow through. But how do you explain that to a child? How do you teach a child not to have expectations [...]

Passing Judgement

Sometimes I wonder why being good takes so much effort. It is so easy to criticize and pass judgement on others especially when we don’t have to be in their shoes. What is it about human nature that makes them want to be one up on every body else? Look around you and take note [...]

Make it Happen

I have written about this before, but I am constantly amazed when certain things happen. Actually I should not be amazed because did I not want it that way in the first place? It is the conditioning of the mind that you are brought up with. Some people are brought up with skepticism and doubt [...]

The Secret behind New Year Resolutions

Christmas is over, the presents are opened and some returned or exchanged (maybe) and plans are starting to firm up for the new year. The topic in every medium whether it be TV, radio or the Internet is about the year that went by and the year that is coming up. What have we achieved [...]