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Milestone 100

I had to write about it because this is my 100th post this year. Just like the press talking about the President’s one hundred days in office and kids celebrating 100 days in school – I am celebrating my 100th post this year. So what have I learnt?Write everyday, write from the heart and if [...]

Becoming a better blogger

I signed up for the 31 days to Become a Better Blogger. This is through www.problogger.net. It lists a new idea every day and something that you have to work on – like an assignment. It is interesting. It gives me a view of how other people are viewing their blogs. There is so much [...]

How is the writing going?

Weeell, not so good since I should be posting every day but I have a valid reason. I joined this course and that is keeping me busy. I know, I know, no excuse for not writing since that is the whole idea of the blog – but the content is forcing me to think strategy [...]

Taking the next step

When you are focused on what you want to do – the Universe starts to make things happen – cause that is what you asked for. So I decided to put my fears aside and proceed. I joined a course online to understand more about blogging and internet marketing. (Check out www.onlineprofits.com) I have to [...]

My first month report – Happy Anniversary to me

It has been a little over a month since I started blogging yet it seems like I just started yesterday. I started the blogging cause I needed to write. There were too many ideas and words overflowing in my head that needed to be on paper. This was the the perfect forum – where I [...]