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Welcome to Geekdom!

Photo by fdecomite If anyone had told me a few months ago that I would be spending my free time trying to figure out code – I would have laughed in their face. But now, that is exactly what I am doing. So how did that happen? Simple.  I created my own domain and I [...]

Milestone 100

I had to write about it because this is my 100th post this year. Just like the press talking about the President’s one hundred days in office and kids celebrating 100 days in school – I am celebrating my 100th post this year. So what have I learnt?Write everyday, write from the heart and if [...]

Becoming a better blogger

I signed up for the 31 days to Become a Better Blogger. This is through www.problogger.net. It lists a new idea every day and something that you have to work on – like an assignment. It is interesting. It gives me a view of how other people are viewing their blogs. There is so much [...]

The power of words

What is it about writing that makes us writers go back to it? For the longest time I thought that only if you have a book published you could be called a writer. I am happy to note that even those who are not published are still called a writer. There are many in the [...]

Full circle

I have to keep asking myself to make sure I don’t lose my focus – why am I doing this? When I first started blogging it was to get words on paper. Then I started thinking about making it a regular feature so that people could read. Not knowing anything about the web, I joined [...]