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3 ways to keep upbeat

Optimists – start your engines. President Obama was right. It is going to get worse before it gets better. 2009 started off with the worst unemployment numbers. Then some brick and mortar companies like Microsoft, Citibank, Caterpillar and Harley Davidson started announcing layoffs of thousands. In an economy like this how do you keep your [...]

Why are you so stressed?

Your tummy hurts, your head hurts, you have lost your appetite or you eat too much, you cannot focus, you feel like crying, you snap at those close to you and keep wondering why is everyone so mad at you? You are probably under stress – but then in this day and age – who [...]

Creating Value

As part of the online course they ask you what value can you create? That got me to start thinking. In fact that is probably the reason why they ask that question right in the beginning of the course cause they want you to start thinking. What do you have to offer? What do you [...]

How is the writing going?

Weeell, not so good since I should be posting every day but I have a valid reason. I joined this course and that is keeping me busy. I know, I know, no excuse for not writing since that is the whole idea of the blog – but the content is forcing me to think strategy [...]

Taking the next step

When you are focused on what you want to do – the Universe starts to make things happen – cause that is what you asked for. So I decided to put my fears aside and proceed. I joined a course online to understand more about blogging and internet marketing. (Check out www.onlineprofits.com) I have to [...]