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Don’t stop writing – no matter what

I had started writing this post couple days ago about how good I was about posting almost every day – then I fell into that hole – like most people do. Think I am doing ok, yeah sure I have enough time and the next thing I know a couple days have passed and I [...]

Reality Check

There is something about January that forces you to do a reality check. The Christmas holidays are over and the presents don’t seem like presents any more. The tree and decorations have been put away.The New year party is over and everyone is wondering what made them think of the resolutions that they came up [...]

It is all about the writing

The more I think about it – I keep coming back to the same point – It is all about the writing. As I go through all the blogs and see what people came up with and how – it comes back to the same thing – it is all about the writing. I see [...]

My first month report – Happy Anniversary to me

It has been a little over a month since I started blogging yet it seems like I just started yesterday. I started the blogging cause I needed to write. There were too many ideas and words overflowing in my head that needed to be on paper. This was the the perfect forum – where I [...]

Have you found your passion yet?

No, I am still looking. But I think I am on the right track. In my earlier posts I had mentioned the power of intention. One of the techniques that is mentioned about increasing the power of intention is to write down how you want your life to be. The trick is to write it [...]