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I love my new name!

I have to say thanks to my fan club for suggesting this name – Gorgeous Dancing Diva – where words dance to my tune. They know me well. It seems to have captured that part of me that I did not know was visible. I love the tagline. I did modify it a little for [...]


What is in a name? After all a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what other name you call it. Even when you name a child you are told to be careful what you name it. Each name has a personality that is reflected in that child. As I am in the [...]

I am building it – so will they come?

Ok, so I wanted mine to look like all the other professional ones out there and did not know how. So thank you to http://www.howtomakemyblog.com/ for simple instructions for novices like me. I wanted the Feedburner stats like everyone else had so I just had to go to Feedburner and follow the instructions. Duh! I [...]

Blogging 101

As mentioned in earlier posts, this whole blogging experience is very new to me. As I keep my eyes and ears open about blogging and ever since I have made a conscious decision to write everyday on this blog, I hear and see more and more information about blogging. (That, by the way is the [...]

Happy New Year!

I am excited as 2008 closes and I see 2009 approaching. As I write this post, my extended family have already rung in the new year on the other side of the world. I see the 2009 as the year of Hope and Change. Not only for me but also the entire world. We have [...]