Do what you have to…


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…so that you can do what you want.  Interesting concept, don’t you think?  But it does not matter what game of life you are playing, it applies everywhere.  It is human nature too – giving the benefit of the doubt to that person who shows consistent behavior.  Get used to working hard, get the worst done first so you can enjoy the rest.

An old man once told me – finish all your work before noon and then you have the rest of the day free.  People like me who keep needing things to do – follow that advice with a twist – finish all the stuff you don’t want to do but have to before noon and then do the stuff you like to do after.

But this can also be taken in another form – in business – do the necessary planning and then delegate. I am seriously considering this. I am a hands on person – I need to know how to do things so that no one can ever tell me I don’t know stuff because I am a girl. I can see some of you shaking your head going – do they still stay that now?  To answer your questions – Yes they still do – you would be surprised.

But you have to make a choice – between doing everything on your own or actually delegating so that you can focus on the important things like growing.  Like my pal said – growing another layer of skin and learning.  Its is very exhilarating when you make a decision – so much easier and suddenly your ideas just grow.

I have a ton of stuff to do – any takers?

This is for you…


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…you know who you are :) .

I was reading up about how to make your blogs successful and what makes people coming back – and I found out that besides the content, it is you posting schedule.  Darren Rowse of Problogger is so regular about posting that if he misses a day – people start to wonder if he is okay.

I know of people who check out the sites regularly to see if there is an update. And if there is no new post – the disappointment is acute.  Some that I know of  (ahem, ahem) will call and cuss you out because they have been deprived of their regular reading caffeine, for lack of a better term.

I have never claimed to be nor an I as big as the ProBlogger dude, but it sure is nice to know the people are reading your stuff.  This was a starting point, but from this much has grown, much has been learned and there is even more to accomplish.

I guess it does matter if you keep your word and if you are walking the talk.  You build a brand image and people see that.  Small things in life make a huge difference – making someone feel good, acknowledging people (indifference is tough stuff ), whether it is verbally, by action or by phone and keeping your word.

You never know where the small things might lead you, but if you are doing it right then it will probably lead to something big.  Who knows?

Star Trek and Life


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‘Status, Mr. Sulu?’ Capt Kirk would often ask in the famous TV series Star Trek.  Sometimes I feel like the crew of the starship Voyager – and I mean all of them.

On some days I feel like “Bones” discussing the merits and demerits of the H1N1 flu shot, on other days I feel like Uhura – trying to decipher the meaning of what is spoken in between the lines whether it is family, work or friends.

There are days when I feel like Scotty, trying to breathe life into machines even under the toughest of situations and on some other days like Mr. Chekov – finding out unusual answers hidden in between the calculations.  There are days when I do feel like Capt James T. Kirk asking for a status from everyone.

But today I feel like Mr. Spock – looking at each line of the problem and trying to decipher the logic behind it objectively and without emotion or attachment so that I can solve the problem.  Interesting!

House up for auction – starting bid $500


Image by cofeego that is not a joke – these are foreclosed properties that are being bid on the auction block in Wayne county in downtown Detroit.  I guess it is a good thing – after all these properties are being bought by investors who have the money and can buy it dirt cheap.

On the other hand, I cannot help feel sad – sad that the city that was the birthplace of motown music and the motor city is now come to this, where the companies that stood for an industry had to declare bankruptcy and the world descends like vultures to pick apart the pieces while those who live here have no choice but to stand back and watch helplessly.

I know this is a capitalist economy, where money is king, and emotions have no place in business, after all isn’t that what the city is trying to do – sell of the pieces so that they can survive? This is also the result of bad management, greedy and corrupt politicians who misused the power and the system to live a lavish lifestyle and forgot to care about the very people who voted them into power.

But, how can you expect a community that is falling apart become a community again if you don’t give them a chance? How can a few people who are trying to make their neighborhood a better place compete with investors who have millions of dollars in their pocket? If investors are buying property, does that mean that the value of that parcel of land is going to go up? Somehow – I find that hard to believe.

But such is life – unless there is an angel investor who will take the property and make something of it – that will not be an eyesore – those lots of abandoned buildings will continue to be just that.

Sad, but true – whatever goes up – must come down.  Question is can it go any lower?

Necessity is the mother of invention


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I am sure you have heard that quote from Plato?  And the Calvin and Hobbes version is “Mother is the necessity of invention.” Calvin probably said it cause his mother said ‘NO’ every time he wanted to do something.  Me, not only have I heard it, I am living it too – inventing, mothering and necessitating (if that is a word).

I did not pay too much attention to it before – too busy surviving the layoffs and down economy.  Then, I noticed people leaving the state – necessity I guess – to find jobs elsewhere.  And there are less dads and more moms in the workforce these days – dads learning the mothering part.  And more and more people starting stuff on their own – invention at its best.

Why did this come to me as an idea for a post – because I just realized that is exactly what I am doing. The necessitating and inventing part and the hubby is afraid I forgot the mothering part.  Suddenly there are so many things to do and learn and not enough time.  The bug to go out and do something on my own has bit me so bad I am giving myself daily deadlines.  Food and sleep are minor inconveniences that need to be handled.  Everything else is completed quickly so that I can get back to inventing.

So what is it that I am doing? Sorry – no can say – still working on it – the wheels are still turning and when it is time for revelation – you will know – believe me – you will know.

Now back to the grind…..