George Bernard Shaw was right when he said “It’s all that the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date.”

It suddenly hit me as we go graduation party hopping that I am going to be short one teenager next year. Which means my younger one will have to figure things out on his own. I don’t think that hit any of us until today.

Poor guy! I am not sure how much facebook and phones are going to help, but from what I have seen – not a whole lot. This was a one year notice into how things are going to be – we have to plan accordingly. I had to ask my high schooler to give me tips on what to do to survive. She was giving me tips. She may have to write a book on how her brother has to survive high school.

I don’t know how parents with more than 2 children handle it. Every time I miss a date or deadline because of an overwhelming schedule, I feel guilty and miserable thinking I failed them. I wonder how the parents with 4 and 5 kids manage. They must be extremely organized and have lots of help.

I wait to hear from the kids on all the things that go on – the new technology and gadgets that most teenagers cannot seem to live without. I do rely on them t keep me informed. As far as shocking me – I think every generation just gets worse. It is a question of what you will put up with and what rules you have. And no matter how much they whine , kids love rules.

So as far as surviving high school – how do you do it – plan and execute with extreme care. I wish all of us the very best.

Graduation Season

The month of June and July is extremely busy with a flurry of graduation parties.

In this part of the world, the tradition is to host an open house for high school graduation. Friends drop in, say hi, give a token gift, eat food, see the pictures and go to the next grad party.

Interesting observation was that if you go to the American grad parties – the guest are all kids – meaning the friends of the graduating senior. There are no adults – meaning there are no adults accompanying their child to a friend’s graduation party unless of course it is to an Indian grad party.

It must be the culture, cause everything is a family affair including the grad party. It truly is a mixed crowd – cause you have the non Indian kids who come alone and the Indian kids who come with their parents. Most of the kids dress casually while some do dress up. There is tons of food – after all the teenage crowd is a hungry one, and volleyball to keep the kids occupied and of course chai.

I was chatting with another parent when we were wondering where the chai was. It was on the table earlier but seemed to have since disappeared. Not finding any in the vicinity, I went and asked the help and came back with a steaming cups of chai. Never underestimate the power of chai. I had people come up to me asking me where I found the chai – there is just something about a cup of steaming hot chai on a cool summer evening that makes it just perfect.

As we sipped our perfect cup of tea we were struck with the difference in the generations. This class of 2010 have no fear. The world is their oyster and they have grandiose plans. We, growing up, I know had plans too but for some reason it did not sound as lofty as the current graduating class. It must be the age. So bold, so carefree so idealistic.

This was the first time I heard of a doctor not wanting his son to follow in his footsteps. He did not want his son to be saddled with a 300 thousand dollar loan and with no guarantee of a job especially with health care going the way it is now. We as parents must do our duty and make them aware of the pitfalls of certain decisions.

They all have lofty goals and plan to do great things I wish them all the very best of luck – after all they are the future.

Milestone 100

I had to write about it because this is my 100th post this year.

Just like the press talking about the President’s one hundred days in office and kids celebrating 100 days in school – I am celebrating my 100th post this year.

So what have I learnt?
Write everyday, write from the heart and if you want something bad and really focus on it – nothing can stop you – not even God.

Writing is cathartic – when you start writing you start with one thing in mind, by the time you are done – it is something else.

I am excited about my blog – I have connected with friends, people are interested in reading what I have to say and I get to write every single day and find my voice.

I still have 191 posts to go to meet my goal – but in the meantime I am going to celebrate this milestone.

Nothing is certain like death and taxes

A kind of a morbid title – I know – but that seemed apt when I saw the headline ‘Woman who escapes death on Air France flight is killed a week later’.

Sad, she was killed in an automobile accident in a foreign country. It tells you that if some things are meant to happen – it will no matter what.

The eastern philosophy talks about doing good deeds to build good karma – that will help you reduce your suffering but death is something that even God cannot stop – after it is already ordained.

So is there a way out – not exactly – you live your life to the fullest, live in the now, enjoy every moment, do not look back and regret but look forward and be happy.

And after all that maybe you will come back but for those of you who do not believe in reincarnation – live your best life now!

What ever happened to world peace?

What in the world is happening to everyone? You hear about white supremacist killing because he hated the Jews and people in Australia hating the immigrants and beating them up.

Why can’t people just live and let live? If you work hard, you should get rewarded. If you don’t work then don’t expect to get rewarded. Why do you have to get rewarded just because you found a way to beat the system? And why is that something to be proud of anyway?

A few years ago the world was huge and people and countries were very far away. But in this day and age with computers, twitter, Facebook and a score of other social networking the world has become so much smaller. News travels faster, be it good news or bad news.

Today, you may be of Indian origin and may never have even been to India. You could be Black, Jewish and live in Netherlands – it does not matter. The boundaries of race, country and religious background have blurred. There are inter religious, inter racial and even same sex marriages. Get with the program people or you will become like Miss California who got fired. Of course the official reason was for not stepping up to the plate.

What does it matter what the other people are doing as long as they are doing an honest day’s work? If you are unhappy about something, it is because of something within you. Help others and you will feel better. Not beat and kill others – violence never really solved anything anyway. Did it?