Chapter 11 – it is for real

Today was a very sad day. A historic day but a sad one. General Motors officially applied for bankruptcy and has been taken off the Dow Jones for the first time in 83 years. GM just celebrated their 100th year last year. It is now Government Motors – but not for long.

The only people who really understand the pain of what they are going through are those that are in the industry and their families. Fritz Henderson, CEO of GM (or would that be Barack Obama now since the government owns the company), was emotionally choked up as he gave the grim news to all his staff this morning. For most of the people who worked at GM there was a legacy – their dads, moms, family had worked there in some capacity and/or they were passionate about cars.

Now with plants closing and more jobs scheduled for layoffs, many suppliers are going out of business. They tried so hard not to go into Chapter 11 but it did not work. The pain and the humiliation is similar to when you lose your home after you have tried everything to save it.

But what does not kill you makes you stronger and this step in the history of General Motors is what will make it come back to life kicking and screaming.
Here is hoping for the best.

I love my age!

I am really excited – I am going to be in a fashion show organized for charity and I know I am going to look gorgeous. Interesting this is all those participating in this feel that the moms are not good hip enough to carry it off. Sorry to blow your bubble kiddos – but we are going to be fabulous. Sorry, could not resist. But it is true – I am going to look good cause I feel good.

It has to be something with the age. I like to think that I am like fine wine – get better as I grow older. I was talking to a friend of mine and she voiced what I felt – she said she feels liberated. We have been through the growing pains of marriage and adjusting, went through pregnancy and labor with the children, listened to the in laws and dealt with mid life crisis with the husband. And now when we women get together we are bold and sassy and have fun and look amazing and don’t apologize for looking good.

It is the confidence – we’ve been there, done that and now life is wonderful. I wear stuff that makes me look and feel good and if you don’t like it – close your eyes. Poor kids – they think the moms have gone wild and the hubbies – well – they are never gonna know what hit them.

So here’s to looking gorgeous and feeling great!

Starting a new business

For someone who has always relied on a paycheck starting a new business is a major paradigm shift.

Maybe it is the economic situations that give arise to these ideas, maybe it is the increase in the number of articles that talk about having your own business that has ides mushrooming in my head, or maybe I have finally reached that stage in life where I am not scared of what people have to say anymore.

I was at the middle school and one of the teachers mentioned that one of the characteristics of an International Baccalaureate was to be a risk taker. That is what starting a new business is about. No fear – even if you have don’t show it. No guts, no glory.

The lure of having your own hours, working late hours into the night knowing that it is for your own self, adjusting your work to accommodate your life is simply worth it.
But you go into business to make money – now just to make sure we make enough of it.


A teenager is defined as one who wants to be treated like an adult but are not expected to behave like one.
When I think about it – I think it is the hardest time of life – you are constantly under pressure to do well in studies, nobody tolerates your mood swings cause your hormones are going wacky in your system, everything you do is a reflection of how you are brought up and you have to become a well rounded individual so that you can get into college. A very tall order if you ask me.

But what stumps me is how do kids whose parents do everything for them get away with surviving when they go off to college. Maybe I am asking this a little too early since my teen is not yet in college or maybe I have not heard of those who did not survive or learnt it the hard way – yet.

I have taught my kids to be independent – but every child is different. What trick that works with one, definitely does not work with the other. As a parent you have to be careful that the younger one does not become a clone of the older one and you recognize their passions.

Passion comes from within – and the kids need to be guided to find that passion. Every child in this world is really good at something – as a parent it is our job to help them find it. Some kids are smart and find it on their own where as others need help. Some find it early in their life, while for some it takes a while.

For some parents there is a predefined path that they think their kids should follow. There is nothing wrong in that since they know that it works – but if your child is not passionate about that path and voice their opinion, as a parent it is imperative that you listen to them. After all if they don’t want to become a doctor or engineer does not mean they are a failure.

Injuries – the bane for runners

Little did I know that a little discomfort to my ankle would cause so much pain.

Being a dancer and training for the half marathon it is imperative that your legs especially your joints are well looked after. Maybe it was an old injury or maybe it was just stress – when my ankle started to hurt I just kept my foot up thinking it would go away.

But life does not stop because you are uncomfortable and the body learns to cope. So I was hobbling around by distributing my weight differently so the weight was not being put on the area that hurt. As a result other muscles in my leg started to hurt because of the difference in walking. Now I know how people who have polio learn to deal with the way their cope because of the distribution of the weight.

RICE – Rest Ice Compression Elevation is the key – but to be honest I only did the rest and elevation. There are other home remedies that help like soaking in salt water that definitely helps.

But as a result I have lost a week of training – which means I have to start from scratch again. The important thing is not to hurry up the healing process because the injury can become worse. So bottom line – enjoy the time off to heal and then start again with renewed vigor.