True colors

I always look at everything at face value. Makes it much less stressful trying to work out the mind games and hidden agendas. However, it was interesting to see how people react when you tell them that not everything is hunky dory.

America is a rich country. So much so that you cannot afford to be poor. It takes much more effort to get out of that ‘poor syndrome’ than if you are rich. I am sure this is not a new concept, but I was experiencing it first hand. Whether it is obtaining credit, maintaining respect of your peers or reaction of family and friends – it is very different when you are gainfully employed than when you are not.

I was not upset – just sensitive to how people reacted. I guess the recession has not really hit all parts of the country. In some places it is just something they hear on the news.

But that is okay – since this too shall pass.

Boycott the recession

I was at a National Honor Society (NHS)Induction ceremony at the high school. They had invited a guest speaker Ms. Donna Zobel, who is an alum and an NHS scholar. I was very impressed with her speech because even in these tough times she was able to instill hope.

My favorite line that she said was “I am boycotting the recession!” I am in full agreement with her. When you listen to the news and the radio and read the newspapers about gloom and doom, your energies start to diminish. The atmosphere that you start to create also starts to reflect dismal times.

The reason why I was impressed was because she was given the Rainmaker award for increasing business during tough ecconomic times. She refused to acknowledge that the recession means slow business, used the tough economic times as an opportunity to look at things in a different way, created possibilities to make money and succeeded.

When you look for possibilities in every opportunity – you will succeed.

Decisions! Decisions!

Sometimes I wish someone just told me what to do so I do not have to think. Never mind, been there done that and nope, it does not help.

You have to go through the process of making the decision yourself in order to make it worthy. You have to go through the pain and agony of each pro and con of each factor and hash it out in your head, talk it out loud in front of the mirror or discuss it aloud with a close one – before you realize how weak it sounds.

Why can’t it be so easy as Yes or No – and sometimes even those are the hardest.
Why can’t it be as easy as black or white – and sometimes you want it to be gray.
Why can’t it be as easy as this is what I want period – and sometimes you want to be practical.

I guess if it has to be worth it – then the process has to be painful.
Another life lesson.

The spirit of the American Dream

The news is horrible, sometimes it is better not to turn on the news – that way at least you don’t feel so depressed at the end of it. In spite of all the bad news, one has to be hopeful that things will change for the better. I guess that is what keeps us going.

As we read about the different businesses and the big bucks that some people made, some of the those numbers have so many zeroes, it is difficult to comprehend.

How does one cope with falling value of houses, no jobs and rising unemployment? In places like Detroit and surrounding areas, it has affected the economy so badly, even the non automotive businesses are suffering. That is no surprise considering people need to have jobs to have insurance to pay for going to the doctor or dentist. If people want to move, how do they do that if no one can afford or buy the house? It seems to be a vicious circle.

However, the spirit of the American Dream is what keeps us going. The belief that working hard will eventually get you where you need to go. People were complacent where they were and the recession pulled the rug out from under them. This shook many out of their comfortable slumber and were forced to take a hard look at reality. The good thing about all this is that recessive times call for creative measures. While of course there are scams running rampant – sticking with the philosophy that hard work pays – it eventually does.

Many are doing what they need to do to keep food on the table. Whether it is working 3 part time jobs, starting their own business that provides value or bartering their services in exchange for other goods or services – the spirit of the American Dream is definitely in action.

No matter how bad things may seem right now – this too shall pass.

Tracking progress

It is almost the end of the first quarter and I thought it would be a good idea to see how far I have gone in achieving my goals and meeting the resolutions set at the beginning of the year.

This is what I said on Dec 31 2009:

1. Write on this blog everyday (> or = 291 posts)
2. Don’t worry, be happy (since happiness is a state of mind)
3. Smile more (reflective of #2)
4. Find my passion (so that I can meet #2 and 3)
5. Increase my earning power (when I meet #4, #5 will be attainable)

Now looking at the list – it is all still attainable.

1. I still have 254 posts to go in the next 9 months – that is approximately 28.2 posts a month – that works to one almost every day.
2. Definitely happy
3. I think I am smiling but how do I make sure I am.
4. I am definitely ahead of where I was when I started.
5. I am working on it – based on most of what is written about that subject – it takes a while to get there.

So far so good – now to make it better.

Wish me luck.