3 ways to keep upbeat

Optimists – start your engines. President Obama was right. It is going to get worse before it gets better. 2009 started off with the worst unemployment numbers. Then some brick and mortar companies like Microsoft, Citibank, Caterpillar and Harley Davidson started announcing layoffs of thousands. In an economy like this how do you keep your chin up and stay positive?

1.Where are you financially? This is huge for most people. It is recommended that you have 6-8 months of living expenses in your savings. I am not sure how many peole have that, cause I sure don’t. So what do you do? This is what I did. I have become quite good at saying ‘NO’. Mom, can I buy lunch – NO. Mom, can I buy these $40 jeans – NO. Can I have my lesson – Not right now, but we will work around it. Now that last one hurt but we have worked out a compromise. You will be surprised how much more kids value their stuff when they have to pay for it or earn the right!!

2. Be grateful: Yeah, I know, I can hear the skeptics go “yeah right, grateful for what?” But hey – in my mind for every door closed, a window opens. You just have to look for it. I am grateful for a roof over my head, my health, my family – no matter how many skeptics and realists there are and for my friends who keep me smiling with all the crazy things we say and do, so much so the kids have named us the “Wild Moms”.

3. Surround yourself with positive people: Well, it is kind of hard for people to be positive in this environment of doom and gloom. Even the media are having a field day with it. I wonder if the news readers every get depressed after reading the news? Most of my friends call me – I am Miss Sunshine. But after I talk to them I have to shake off that cloud and maybe call my team of mood picker upper just so I don’t go spiraling into that depression mode.

Now – Say NO and make your coffee at home instead of Starbucks, look up and hopefully your roof is okay and don’t turn the news on.

Why are you so stressed?

Your tummy hurts, your head hurts, you have lost your appetite or you eat too much, you cannot focus, you feel like crying, you snap at those close to you and keep wondering why is everyone so mad at you?

You are probably under stress – but then in this day and age – who isn’t?

I always thought only adults could be under stress – but that was before I became an adult. Then I had kids and the kids tell me that they are under stress. I look around even the pets and plants can be under stress!

Why is that? People want to be in control and when things don’t go the way you planned it, you become agitated, get angry and your blood pressure rises and its all downhill from there. Hello? did you know you cannot control everything? But there are those of use who do want to believe that we can – control everything, that is.

Bee there, done that. So what did I learn – it is so much easier to let go. Take charge of the things you can change – the rest – let it happen the way it should.
So much easier – on yourself and everyone else around you. Result – happy body, happy mind and so is every one around you.

Now, how do I know if the cat is smiling?

Yes we can!

A King was dreaming. Yes we can!
The layoffs are starting. Yes we can!
The gas prices are skyrocketing. Yes we can!
The food prices are going up. Yes we can!
The stock market is crashing. Yes we can!
The homes are foreclosing. Yes we can!
The war is not ending. Yes we can!
The election is happening. Yes we can!
The people are rallying. Yes we can!
Obama is winning. Yes we can!
Everyone is celebrating. Yes we can!
One President is leaving. Yes we can!
One door is closing. Yes we can!
A new President is arriving. Yes we can!
Another window is opening. Yes we can!
The dream is now living. Yes we can!
Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

3 Strengths for Success

It has only been a week since I started taking the online course but I feel like I have been swimming in it for a while – SEO’s, twitter, Word press, domain, registrar, social network media, Cpanel, one click install…… the list goes on and on.

It is very easy to get intimidated listening to all those terms and you wonder what the heck are you doing. Then you have to keep reminding yourself – you are in this to learn – don’t worry about being perfect, make a few mistakes – its OK. Most of the guys there know because they have been messing around with it for a while. So take a deep breath and keep going.

Reading all the posts definitely gives you perspective and also give you an idea how people think. But after reading all that – I found the 3 characteristics you need to be successful are:

1. Be courageous – don’t be afraid – the moment you start to start doubting yourself – you can forget it. You cannot afford to wonder what if they don’t like it. Well, if they don’t like it – they will tell you. Then you change it – that’s how you learn.

2. Be sincere – people will know if you are not. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. Whatever you do – do it sincerely and the results will show.

3. Be positive – This is hard in times of adversity, but this is key for your well being. You have to always think of the good in everything, be thankful for what you do have and then you realize it ain’t all that bad after all.

Having said that – the above 3 strengths are not meant for blogging, it works for any field that you may be in. So buckle up, smile and carry on.

Creating Value

As part of the online course they ask you what value can you create? That got me to start thinking. In fact that is probably the reason why they ask that question right in the beginning of the course cause they want you to start thinking. What do you have to offer? What do you know or can show that will make other people believe you and come back for more?

As I watch history being made today, and as the world watches while the 44th President of the United States being sworn in, I think about the journey of Barrack Obama. His has been an incredible journey and his passion has ignited the nation and the entire world.

They look up to him for leadership and to provide direction. He brings with him this sense of calm, making you feel that you are in the right hands. All during the campaigns, he spoke with conviction, he was consistent in his message and what grabbed every one’s attention was his sincerity. People seemed to trust him and they believed in him and that is what got him elected. He has value. His next 4 years will be a test but the people have put their faith in him.

Taking an example from Obama – the message is you have value when you are consistent with your message, your sincerity shows and you believe in what you are doing.

Now that I have figured that part out – lets gets to work on the details.