How is the writing going?

Weeell, not so good since I should be posting every day but I have a valid reason. I joined this course and that is keeping me busy.

I know, I know, no excuse for not writing since that is the whole idea of the blog – but the content is forcing me to think strategy and long term and I never realized I am my own worst enemy.

Even Daniel, who is running the course took a break from his technical/business writing to write a post about loving what you do and loving Mondays. Check it out. Totally agree with him – back to finding your passion.

Interesting how everything you look at always comes back to that question that is burning a hole in your brain eh?

Taking the next step

When you are focused on what you want to do – the Universe starts to make things happen – cause that is what you asked for. So I decided to put my fears aside and proceed. I joined a course online to understand more about blogging and internet marketing. (Check out

I have to say this is the scariest move for me. I have been saying I need to find my passion, well the perfect opportunity presented itself. The first step in the course is to find your passion – talk about getting right to the heart of the matter. Now not only do I have to find my passion – I have to hurry up and find it so that I can create my website based on that.

As I read some of the other posts, there are those that sound so certain as to what they want to do – and how they want to proceed and it motivates me. There are kids as young as 14 and 17 – have a fresh perspective on life and yet they sound like they have been around a long time and they know exactly what they want.

Will keep blogging the progress on this adventure. In the meantime I need to get back to finding my passion.

Don’t stop writing – no matter what

I had started writing this post couple days ago about how good I was about posting almost every day – then I fell into that hole – like most people do. Think I am doing ok, yeah sure I have enough time and the next thing I know a couple days have passed and I have not written anything on my blog.

It was there on the back of my mind that I need to write, after a while it starts to bother you cause you have not written – for a writer it is a cathartic process, for me my mind starts to overflow and I start to forget important things.

As I spend the time – since that is all I can afford at this time – I look at the various blogs and read all about the nuts and bolts about blogging and come away with a lot of information.

However one thing I have noticed – there are different types of bloggers. There are those that are the traditional writers and use their craft to create a blog and eventually make money out of it, there are others whose sole aim is that of internet marketing and there are still others who provide the support to the blogs and internet marketing and make an income out of that. There are still others whose joy is writing and don’t care whether or not they make money on it or not.

Now the question is which category do I want to belong to? In this age of instant gratification – everything happens so quickly. There are ways that you can make money in a blink of an eye, however there are some things that take time – like building a reputation.

Years used to be the measure to accomplish certain goals but now it looks like days is more like it. If I am a reader to a particular site because I enjoy the content, I will go to that site all the time to check out what is new. However, if there is no update to that site, it is only a matter of time before I stop going to check it out.

I don’t want my readers to think I am not serious, so it is important that I keep writing – cause no content means no readers. At this point I want to stick to the writing. The money will follow.

So like Dory sings in Finding Nemo – Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming – I say to myself – just keep writing, writing, writing.

Ok now that I have convinced myself – I have a few more posts to write.

Reality Check

There is something about January that forces you to do a reality check.

The Christmas holidays are over and the presents don’t seem like presents any more.
The tree and decorations have been put away.
The New year party is over and everyone is wondering what made them think of the resolutions that they came up with. The weather is cold and if you live in my part of the world – you are probably tired of being snowed in.

It is time to start looking at your bills and gather your information for the taxes. It is time to start looking at your goals for the year and start planning accordingly.
You cannot even think about gardening because when you look out the window the whole place is covered in snow.
The economy is slow, there is not much going on and the airlines and travel agents send you deals to travel to some warm beach on the other side of the world.

Yet, in spite of all that – there is something very hopeful about January.
It marks the beginning of Uttarayana - or the northern movement of the sun, Makara Sankrathi is celebrated – Sankranthi – is a Sanskrit word – that means the transmigration of the sun from one zodiac sign(Rashi) of the (Indian) zodiac calendar – from Sagittarius (Dhanur) to Capricorn (Makara). It is considered very auspicious.
It feels like even the Heavens have given you permission to start afresh. The houses are cleaned, old things thrown out, new clothes worn, kites are flown.

So as the sun moves more to the north, I am looking at the goals that I had made for the year and see that I can move north too – up, that is, keep progressing. Goals are great – now to come up with a plan to keep it moving.

So here is what I came up with;
1. Evaluate your goals.
2. Reevaluate your goals to make sure you are where you want to be.
3. Come up with a timeline to make sure you are on track.

So far so good.

It is all about the writing

The more I think about it – I keep coming back to the same point – It is all about the writing.
As I go through all the blogs and see what people came up with and how – it comes back to the same thing – it is all about the writing.
I see those who are successful – it is because they have been doing it for 15 years- the writing that is.
I watched the Golden Globes as Slumdog won 4 of them – an amazing sense of pride for India – it grabbed the attention to be made into a movie, because it was written so well – it was based of a book – once again it is all about the writing.
At this point it is not about how many readers – it will be at some later point – but right now – it is all about the writing.

So let get back – to the writing.