My first month report – Happy Anniversary to me

It has been a little over a month since I started blogging yet it seems like I just started yesterday. I started the blogging cause I needed to write. There were too many ideas and words overflowing in my head that needed to be on paper. This was the the perfect forum – where I could keep track of everything I am doing and see how my thoughts and ideas shape my writing.

As is only natural while on the web, you start to surf and one post leads to a link and then to another and the next thing you know three hours have passed. The most amazing thing about blogging is the amount of information that is available at your fingertips. Do you know what the most overwhelming thing about blogging is – you got it – the amount of information that is available.

As I read some of the blogs (I have the link on my fave reads) there are some points that I have taken into consideration, some that I am not ready for and some that makes sense depending on what you want to do.

In the last month – I learnt a little more about how to use blogger, adding links etc, write almost everyday, added AdSense, figured out how to read the stats, found a few great blogs that i like to read, subscribed to a couple and still finding my voice. There is enough information to tell me how to go about doing all of the above.

This month I am plan is to write everyday, comment on a few blogs, understand what affiliate marketing is all about, and keep writing. Strange how I feel about it. If I have not written in a couple days, I get antsy, like I am missing something. It only takes 21 days to create a habit. I am trying to make it a habit to write everyday. So far so good.

Q: Why am I blogging?
Answer: To write.

I have read about folks starting to blog for various reasons – whether it be meeting with like minded individuals or making money or both. I have subscribed to a couple posts where they show how you can make a $100 dollars in a day – yet there are so many terms that I don’t understand, or I don’t get the concept – cause I am blogging to write.

I have seen blogs that say that you should have your own domain hosted website so that people will take you seriously – but is there anything that is free? Yes there is and I am using it. Right now I cannot afford to buy my own space – I am still finding my voice.

Some of my favorite blogs are about people who write cause they love to write – and they do it consistently and they write about what they know and what they have experienced – and I like that – cause I am doing that too.

I see articles about blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), increasing views and readers, twitter, face book, RSS feeds, interviews, podcasts, e-books and the list goes on and on. Just goes to show how much is out there to learn.

I am still finding my voice. When I do, you will be the first to know. In the meantime you can tell me how did you find yours (voice, that is) or are you still looking?

Have you found your passion yet?

No, I am still looking. But I think I am on the right track. In my earlier posts I had mentioned the power of intention. One of the techniques that is mentioned about increasing the power of intention is to write down how you want your life to be. The trick is to write it like it is in the NOW as opposed to wishing or in the future.(By the way, writing on yellow paper with a red pen also helps.)

I had started doing that a while ago. Being affected by the economic layoffs, i figured there was nothing to lose in writing what I wanted my life to be. Before, if any one of my projects was not going well I would write that the plan is going well and I have successfully completed it. Once I completed writing the post about finding my passion, a thought came to me – I should be writing about finding my passion instead of finding a job.

I am happy to report that the power of intention is definitely working. How else can I explain three people tell me my strength – which is teaching – in three different avenues and how I can make it work. That is definitely is a sign. Besides it answered the question that I was asking myself – is that truly my passion or is it just convenient?

Now as I evaluate my question, I realize therein lies the true difference between a passion and work. If it is a passion – why do they call it work?

Below is a list that gives you a good indication whether or not it is a passion:
1. It is something that I don’t mind doing even if it is hard.
2. I am excited about new projects versus getting heart burn.
3. I can sleep at night without worrying.
4. I can work for hours and still feel that it has only been a few minutes.
5. I have fun.

Having said all of the above – I know I am on the right path.

Have you found your passion yet?

I love my new name!

I have to say thanks to my fan club for suggesting this name – Gorgeous Dancing Diva – where words dance to my tune. They know me well. It seems to have captured that part of me that I did not know was visible.

I love the tagline. I did modify it a little for posting purposes but it is definitely part of my profile.

Love you guys!


What is in a name? After all a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what other name you call it. Even when you name a child you are told to be careful what you name it. Each name has a personality that is reflected in that child. As I am in the process of creating this blog and finding my passion, I am trying to see what kind of name do I want to use.

I have been reading a number of blogs and look at the names that people use. Some use their real names, some use names that indicate their personality, some others create a name that reflect their passion and yet others create a totally different name.

Reading some of the reasoning behind the names is also quite interesting. Of course you have a pseudonym so that if you are in a profession that everyone knows who you are, you don’t want to be identified or you have a contract job and don’t want your employer to know. But there are other reasons too – women pick a name of a man so that they are taken seriously, men who write romance novels take women names so they are taken seriously (after all who wants to read a romance novel that is written by a man :) )and some pick a name with the last name that would be right between two very famous authors on the bookshelf.

Yet another interesting way of figuring out what name to pick is to see what shows up when you type your name on I never thought of that. With Amazon carrying so many products and so many people buying online – it is interesting to see how many other people have the same name as you. Apparently there are quite a few with mine.

I thought about what I wanted to be called – do I want a name that shows what I do, and be taken seriously when other people see my name and describes my passion. So here are a few that I came up with – sunny girl – I have a sunny disposition, dancer – even though I am a dancer none of my writing is about dance – yet, what am I passionate about? – everything in Life – life lover – as opposed to death lover – I don’t think so.

So that leaves me with what am I doing all the time – writing. So for now I think I will stick to busyriting. What’s in a name you ask – everything. Does it describe what I do – yes, does it sound interesting versus silly – yes, am I passionate about it – if that means seeing my thoughts on paper whether or not people read it – yes.

So do you have a pseudonym?


As Aretha Franklin belted out in her song – I got to have just a little respect…

What is it about human nature that drives one to treat people without respect. It looks like if you treat me well, I treat you like dirt, however, if you treat me like dirt, I will treat you very well. Why is it that people never take each other at face value? Why do people see the worst in others?

Every person is good, there are no bad people, just bad circumstances. But in my observance of human nature I see that when one is nice to someone – they wonder why? They expect the worst. What is in it for you? – they ask. Husband or wife, brother or sister, teacher or student, friend to friend, employer and employee – it does not matter what the relationship – that question is always in the back of the mind – what is in it for you? Or on the other hand – walk all over them cause you think they are weak. Why? Is it human nature to want to be in control and control others?

The ancient texts say that what you receive is a reflection of what you project. Keeping that in mind, in order to gain the respect of those around you, you have to project the vibrations that will encourage the same feeling. Be confident, be true to who you are and what you want from life, have the courage of conviction to stand up for what you believe in. It is a hard concept to follow if you are not used to standing up for yourself.

Children watch adults and imitate them. Or children see the downside of not standing up for yourself and swear they will never be that way. If a child lives with kindness and consideration they learn respect. In this fast paced competitive world, I see more disrespect – whether it be towards parents, elders or teachers.

Are we as parents setting a good example for our children? Are we being kind and considerate towards others and their beliefs? Are we raising a generation that is respectful of their past, cherish the present and care about the future?

Are we?